Friday, December 09, 2005

Elva Larsen Werner 1928 - 2005


Did you know you scatter sunshine
with your bright and cheery smile?
And you brighten every corner
when you come too stay awhile,

You are like a gentle rainstorm
leaving freshness in the air.
You and spring-time go together
you are a very welcome pair.

Please don't change as you grow older
be the same sweet joyful gal,
Then you'll never want for friendship
every one will be your pal.

To me --- you are a ray of sunshine
breaking up a cloudy day,
Making life a little better
for those you meet along the way,

But there's always disappointments
fears and sorrows come along.
Often when they're least expected
life can't always be a song.

Trust in God and He will guide you
through your lifetime day by day,
He will help make life worth living
in His own eternal way.

God gave you goodly parents
and it shows in all you do,
So just keep on smiling Elva
let the sun keep shining through.

When this life becomes a memory
and all things are made anew,
May Heaven grant me just one favor
that I may dwell some where near you.

Aunt Nellie Larsen

Composed approximately 1945


At 1:22 PM, Blogger Boyd said...

This is a very warm and loving tribute. You can feel her presence in it.


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